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A Researcher

She is an independent researcher, which let her to defined a special way of thinking, in which she conjugated an ethical, sustainable approach to architectural projects.
She developed a diplomatic method to manage the institutional process and international networks, while her historical technique to architectural research generates a virtuoso dialogue between various institutional and private committees, capable to present exhibitions in diverse international locations.

The art of researching itself is what we usually miss to recognize, but not her, she understood the power behind this hidden process. She has been a professional research conductor for years and has organized systematic investigations into her topics.

Researcher | Independent

2016 - 2017

Title: P.I.C.T.U.R.E - Photographs, Images, and Culture through Urban Rights in Europe: The role of landscape photography and architectural design in the acquisition of human rights in the European urban environment
Particulars: The research was presented with DAStU of the Politecnico di Milano, at the ERC-Advanced Grant, 2017

Researcher | Independent

2012 - 2015

Title: At the birth of participatory architecture 


  • Contributors: Raj Rewal | Rahul Mehrotra | Balkrishna Doshi | J. Menon, Paolo Brescia | Ipsita Mahajan | Ingrid Paoletti | Jacopo Galli


Title: The honorary degree of Alvaro Siza

2010 - 2011

Title: Landscape in the work of Giorgio Morandi: The architecture of the minimum Thought
Particulars: The research was the prerequisite for an exhibition then curated by MAMBO of Bologna - Giorgio Morandi's poetic universe, 01 December    2012 - 24 March 2013.

Research | Independent

2009 - 2013

Title: Suspended City: L'Aquila After the Earthquake


  • Co-researcher: Michele Nastasi

  • Contributor: Giorgio Agamben

Researcher | Independent

2009 - 2013

Title: Suspended City: L'Aquila After the Earthquake


  • Co-researcher: Michele Nastasi

  • Collaborator: Giorgio Agamben

Researcher | Iberê Camargo Foundation

2009 - 2011

Title: The relationship between the painters Iberè Camargo, Giorgio De Chirico, and Giorgio Morandi
Particulars: The research got linked to two more research on Giorgio De Chirico and Giorgio Morandi after 2009


Title: On the traces of the landscape in the stories of Beppe Fenoglio's resistance


  • Manager: Gianfranco Ugona | Paola Gramaglia

  • Preparation of the video installation Mnemonic Interferences for the Langhe 2009 exhibition at Palazzo Tovegni, Murazzano (CN), for the San Polo Foundation of Turin

  • Duration 6 months

2008 - 2009

Title: Giorgio de Chirico. The paintings of urban spaces as a presupposition of modernity


  • Consultant: E. Pontiggia

  • The research was the scientific basis for the exhibition Giorgio De Chirico, the Feeling of Architecture organized with the support of the De Chirico Foundation of Rome

  • Concept Design of an exposition about Giorgio de Chirico (Realized) to present at the Minister of Culture of Brazil for the Realization with the Lei Rouanet Funds during the year of Culture of Italy in Brazil

Independent Researcher | A.I.A.C.E.


Title: The possibilities and opportunities to be realized at the museum of contemporary art spread in the city, Milan, Italy


  • Consultant: B. Secchi | A. Branzi.

  • Co-researcher: Antonella Crippa

  • Duration 6 months

Researcher | Independent


Title: Condition of the urban landscape through the School of Italian Landscape


  • Research for the National Council of Landscape Architects Planners and Conservators Photography.

  • The research and the documentation were the prerequisite for the following exhibition: Inheriting the Landscape.

  • Consultants: G. Calvenzi | P. Viganò | R. Valtorta

  • Junior researcher:  A. Vercellotti | M. Vianello

  • Duration 1 year

2006 - 2007

Title: Overview of contemporary Italian photography  
Particulars: Research presented as a section in the opening of the new site archiworld network

2005 - 2007

Title: Understanding Design
Particulars: Educational research with - Laboratory of innovation and research of Interior Design

Research . Concept Designer . Director  | Gonçalo Byrne-arquitectos Lda

2004 - 2007

Title: Dialogues on Architecture, Video installation


  • Conversations between the architect Byrne and the president of the Portuguese Republic J. Sampaio, in dialogue with the architects V. Gregotti, Joao Nunes, Nuno Portas, and Alvaro Siza.  

  • Presented at:

      . The VI Architecture Biennial in São Paulo, Fundação Bienal, 02 October – 08 December 2005

      . The CCB - Cultural Center of Belèm, Lisbon Portugal, 24 November 2006 – 25 February 2007

Scholarship Researcher | F.A.U.P


Title: The condition of urban architecture in Portugal (survey)
Particulars: Directed by Alvaro Siza Viera | Antonio Madureira

Researcher | Independent

2003 - 2006

Title: Draw the city, Architecture in Portugal, The exhibition and the book 


  • Contributors: A. Siza | G. Basilico | A. Madureira | J. Soares | A. Tavares

Researcher . Curator . Producer | Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa, Portugal


Title: Contemporary Landscape architectural of Portugal (Photographic Survey)


  • The concept realized by Gabriele Basilico

  • The photographic dossier is deposited in the archive

Researcher . Organisator | Multiplicity

2001 - 2003

Title: USE-Uncertain states of Europe Exhibition
Particulars: Coordinator of the researches for the Exhibition and related the Installation Solid Sea, presented at Documenta of Kassel


Title: Virtual reality and visual communication for better management of museum institutions and exhibition spaces
Particulars: Specialization Scholarship from the Confalonieri Foundation at Politecnico di Milano under the supervision of professor Cesare Stevan


Title: The restoration of the Viipuri Library seminar of Politecnico di Milano and the Triennale di Milano

Researcher | F.A.U.P

A.Y. 1996/1997

Title: Erasmus Scholarship

Research Group Coordination: Experience
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