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A Concept Curator | A Consultant | An organizer

Where she had developed concepts, or coordinated or consulted on projects; whether it is a conference, business convention, workshop, an art exhibition or a charity found. Events bring people with common purpose together, the key is how to archive these connections seamlessly and coordinate every detail efficiently from beginning to the end. Her experiences and strong social skills made her just the best character to such tasks, she has an insight into what goes perfectly where and to whom.

Consultancy: Experience


Methodology Concept Developer . Lecturer . Member of the expert’s board


Title: Five-days workshop on "Architecture and Museum Techniques"
Location: Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy
Date: 28 January - 01 February 2019


Organizer . Concept Curator  

Politecnico di Milano

Title: The book “Architecture and Democracy” by Salvatore Settis (Einaudi 2017)
Date: 12 December 2017
Particulars: Participation with Prof. Salvatore Settis| Prof. Alberto Ferlenga, rector of IUAV-University of Venice | Maria Fratelli director of Casa Museo of Commune di Milano


Moderator . Presenter . Concept Curator

Expo Architecture Pavilion

Title: “Milan, Capital of the Modern” by Lorenzo degli Esposti, Book presentation
Location: Grattacielo Pirelli, Milan, Italy
Date: 1 December 2017
Intervention by the photographer Giovanni Chiaramonte
Subsequent round table with photographers involved in the publication; Matteo Cirenei | Marco Menghi | Maurizio Montagna | Maurizio Petronio | Giada Ripa | Isabella Sassi Farias | Daniele Zerbi


Concept, Content and Text Developer

The XX Chilean Architecture and Urbanism Biennial

Title: “Geopolitics of hot modernity” exhibition. Unpostponable Dialogues on the Worwilde Connection of A WARM MODERNITY.
Date: 26 October – 10 November 2017


Idealisation . Organizer . Consultant

Triennale di Milano

Title: The Round Table “Africa - Italy. An Idea of Shared Development”
Date: 18 December 2014
Collaborator: Antonella Contina
Contributors: Stefano Capodagli- AfDB |Fabio Casiroli-Systematica |Raffaele Lorusso-Italfer | Lia Quartapelle-Ministero per gli Affari Esteri (Tentative) |Sabrina Rosati _ Comune di Reggio Emilia |Rolando Curzi, Maria Chiara Torrini-Comunità di S.Egidio |Padre Fausto-Unisaf Mozambico-Università Pedagogica del Mozambico | Cristina Perrillo _ Lettera 27 | Matteo Fraschini, Albertrum Crowder-UCT School of Architecture and planning
From Politecnico di Milano: Antonella Contin-DAStU | Marcello de Carli-ABC | Gabriele Pasqui- DAStU Director | Alessandro Floris- ABC | Alessandro Frigerio, Niccolò Natali- DAStU, MSLab | Pedro Ortiz-consultant WB | Andrea Sianesi, Francesca Guzzinati-MIP | Maria Cristina Gianbruno | Laura Montedoro | Paola Bellaviti-Laboratorio di Cooperazione


Concept Developer . Organizer . Curator

Politecnico di Milano

Title: The Honorary Degree of Alvaro Siza
Date: 15 - 16 - 17 October 2013
15th: Álvaro Siza at the presence of the Ambassador Manuel Lobo Antunes, the Rector Giovanni Azzone, the Dean of Scuola di Architettura prof. Ilaria Valente, Dean of FAUP prof. Carlos Alberto Esteves Giumarães
16th: Laurea ad honorem
17th: Connections between Alvaro Siza and the Italian Architecture

2012 - 2016


Skira Editore

Particulars: Her responsibilities included checking the opening opportunities of the Brazil office: Schedule of Exhibitions and programming of a Skira Brasil editorial series


Consultant . Director

Instituto dos Camoes – Ministerio da Cultura de Portugal

Title: Series of lectures on Conversations between Italy and Portugal
Date: 30 November – 20 January 2010
Particulars: The project was supported by Embassy of Portugal in Italy | DAStU-Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, School of Architecture and Society-Politecnico di Milano
Contributions: Vittorio Gregotti | Manuel Salgado (Lisbon deputy mayor) | Nuno Portas | Bernardo Secchi | Joao Luis Carrilho da Graça | Joao Nunes, Manuel Aires Mateus | Giovanni Chiaramonte | Giuseppe Marinoni | Eduardo Souto de Moura | Gabriele Basilico


Organizer . Consultant   

l’Ordine degli architetti di Roma

Title: A lecture entitled Museography with Alvaro Siza, Francesco Dal Co, Marco Introini
Location: Acquario Romano as the opening of the Festa dell'Architettura, Italy
Date: 9 January 2010


Concept Curator . Organizer

Museo del territorio Biellese

Title: International convention on " Contemporary landscape and its representation"
Collaborator: Giovanna Calvenzi
Contributions: Giovanni Chiaramente | Mario Cresci and Vittore Fossati | Claudio Gobbi | Alessandro Cimmino and Maurizio Montagna; Roberta Valtorta, photography critics | Christian Caujolle, founder and art director of the Vu agency and gallery in Paris | Josep Vicente Monzò, director of the Ivam photography department in Valencia | Bas Vroege, director of Paradox in Amsterdam | Hripsimè Visser, photography department director of Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam | Laura Serani, director of the Festival di Savignano sul Rubicone


Consultant . Presenter

CaixaForum Foundation

Title: Series of the lectures on “scenarios for a conversation: portuguese landscape, a European dialogue (Scenari per una conversazione: Paesaggio portoghese, un dialogo europeo)”
Date: 9 February 2008
Particulars: The lectures were held during the Candida Höfer em Portugal exhibition curated by Margarida Veiga.
Contributors: Gabriel Bauret | Jordi Bernadò | Mietta Corli | Gabriele Basilico | Alvaro Siza | José Gil | Roberta Valtorta


Concept Developer . Consultant

Fondazione Cineteca Italiana

Title: “Milano and Contemporary Art: hypothesis for a diffused museum in Milan” Conference
Date: 10 November 2007
Contributions: Antonella Crippa | Bernardo Secchi | Andrea Bran


Organizer . Presenter

Architecture Faculty of Venice

Title: The Vilanova Artigas conference on “Materials of the shape"



l'Ordine degli Ingegneri a Palermo

Title: “Brutalism and contemporary project” Lecture
Contributions: Michele Sbacchi | Daniele Vitale | Giovanni Denti | Manuel Graça Dias | Marcello Arici | Cesare Ajroldi | Ernesto D’Alfonso | Marcello Faletra | Francesco Tentori | Antonietta Iolanda Lima | Sarah Catalano | A. D’Amico | M. D’Alfonso | A. Dörr | C. Donisi

2001- 2002



Project: USE (Uncertain states of Europe), inside the City of Europe Exhibition and the cycle of conferences related to it

Location: Triennale di Milano, Italy

Date: 16 January – 21 April 2002

Particulars: “The Uncertain States of Europe” is an ongoing collective research project that deals with the territorial transformations in contemporary Europe as a reflection of globalization processes and explores the relation between territorial mutation and self-organization processes. Based on a series of local study cases, the presented panorama is one where innovation and change derive from non-planned and barely regulated processes.
USE was exhibited in various galleries and cultural spaces throughout Europe and the world.

2001- 2002

Exhibition Organizer

Project: Solid Sea
Location: Documenta of Kassel, Germany
Date: 22 October – 14 November 2003
Particulars: Solid Sea survey is multi-disciplinary conducted on the current geopolitics of the Mediterranean Sea. The survey identifies the flows and paths that cross this region and outlines the identity of the individuals who live there.
To date, Solid Sea is divided into four study cases, each of which uses different techniques of observation, analysis and representation: The Gost Ship | Odessa / The World | The Road Map | (M) RE-Tourism.

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