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An Architect | An Exhibition Designer | A Curator

Now a day there is no line between design works, the concept would develop the design and translate it into the reality of any form of a project; structures, objects, websites, signs, vehicle, clothing and etc., a lifestyle for that matter. Now let’s go back to the basic, who are architects; the ones who are trained in the art and science of designing your space, curate the concept for structures and turn those concepts into plans and images. You can say they develop our lifestyle.

As for her, her unique point of view on every aspect of this matter distinguishes her from the others. In 2007, she opened her own Architecture Studio, Maddalena d’Alfonso, which is characterized by a formula dealing with the compositions, from small to macro scales, in urban design, Architecture, interior design as well as museum exhibits for public institutions and private investors.

The architect acts as a curator to generate a communal sensibility on architecture as a common good. She ideates to assemble her catalogues as a generative place of reflections; where she managed to present and display cultural behaviours like interdisciplinary links between different worlds. d’Alfonso participates in numerous public architectural and urban design competitions in collaboration with other architecture studios of which with some she worked as a designer. Not just different academic disciplines but also the institutional actors and sponsors with a common ground of interest are re-conducted in her curatorial projects, which is why she is responsible for all the key points and the milestones of the projects.

Exhibition Designer | Comune di Milano


Project: “The Eco Of Classic, The Valley of the Temples of Agrigento” Exhibition
Location: Studio Francesco Messina, Milan, Italy
Date: 19 July – 20 October 2018
Particulars: Curated by Maria Fratelli | Giuseppe Parello | Maria Serena Rizzo

Exhibition Designer | ANED


Project: “Longoni: captivity war and freedom” Exhibition
Location: ANED, Milan, Italy
Date: 10 February – 27 May 2018
Particulars: The exhibition included 15 large and medium format paintings 60 drawings and prints by the author

Curator . Concept developer . Exhibition Designer | Comune di Milano, Casa della Memoria

2017 - 2018

Project: "The landscape of rights. photographing the Italian constitution" Exhibition

Location: Comune di Milano (Casa della Memoria), Italy

Date: 05 September 2017 – 06 January 2018


  • The exhibition received the Medal of high representation of the Presidency of the Italian Republic

  • Sixteen works on the articles of the Italian Constitution by the student of the History and Criticism course of Photography for Architecture of Politecnico di Milano

Participant . Content & Text Developer | The XX Chilean Architecture and Urbanism Biennial


Project: “Geopolitics of hot modernity” Exhibition on Unpostponable Dialogues of Worwilde Connection of Warm Modernity
Location: The XX Chilean Architecture and Urbanism Biennial, Chile
Date: 26 October – 28 March 2017

Presenter . Content and Text Developer | Galleria MAGA, Gallarate Art musuem


Project: "Portraits of monuments" Exhibition
Location: MAGA, Gallarate Art Museum, Italy
Date: 20 February - 28 March 2016
Particulars: Exhibition of Marco Introini including 30 large format photographs, with the patronage of MIBAC and the Lombardy Region

2015 - 2016

Project: Indian Architecture Building Democracy: A Warm Modernity; an Exhibition on the Origins of Participatory Architecture and further Fortune
Location: India Pavilion of the XXI Triennale di Milano, Italy
Date: 01 April – 12 September 2016
Particulars: Ideation, Concept, and Production in collaboration with The Indian General Consulate, Milano and Indian Forum Design of Delhi


Project: Export the historical Center Exhibition
Location: EXPO Pavilion, Grattacielo Pirelli, Milan, Italy
Date: 1 August – 1 September 2015
Particulars: Curatored by Benno Albrecht | Anna Magrin

Curator . Exhibition Designer | Regione Lombardia


Project: Syntactic Architecture Exhibition

Location: EXPO Pavilion, Grattacielo Pirelli, Milan, Italy

Date: 1 August – 1 September 2015


  • Co-curator: L. degli Esposti

  • Photographic exhibition within the activities of the ARCHITECTURE PAVILION of EXPO Arts of Vittorio Sgarbi, an initiative of the Lombardy Region in collaboration with Triennale di Milano

  • Photographs by Cyrene | Introini | Menghi | Montagna | Petronio | Poli |  Ripa | Romano | Sabatino | Zerbi

  • The exhibition consists of 40 shots of 10 photographers related to 15 masterpieces of modern architecture built in Milan and Lombardy from the twenties to the sixties

Photography section Curator | CIVA, Brussels |  Triennale di Milano

2014 - 2015


Date: 14 January - 01 March 2015 | 15 October - 28 December 2014


  • The photography and film section by Benno Albrecht

  • The exhibition, conceived by the Milan Triennial in co-production with the CIVA, focuses on describing the architectural and urbanistic thinking in Africa from post-war period to today

Curator . Producer . Exhibition Designer | Politecnico di Milano


Project: Alvaro Siza Drawings and Maquette Exhibition
Date: 15 October – 09 November 2013
Particulars: The exhibition represented five of Alvaro Siza’s best-known projects: the swimming pools in Leça de Palmeira, the Bouça residences in Porto, the reconstruction of the Chiado in Lisbon, the Contemporary Art Centre in Santiago de Compostela and the Casa della Musica in Lecce

Curator . Producer . Exhibition Designer | Politecnico di Milano


Project: Alvaro Siza & Gabriele Basilico on Matosinhos Exhibition

Date: 15 October - 9 November 2013


  • Photographs by Gabriele Basilico | Drawings by Alvaro Siza

  • The exhibition compares Gabriele Basilico’s photographs with Alvaro Siza’s drawings in Portraits of Matosinhos

Curator . Exhibition Layout Designer | MIT-Museum


Project: Suspended city L’Aquila After the Earthquake of 2009 Exhibition
Date: 07 February – 18 April 2013
Particulars: Photographs by Michele Nastasi

Curator . Exhibition Designer | Iberè Camargo Foundation | M.A.S.P. | Casa Fiat

2011- 2012

Project: Giorgio de Chirico: the sentiment of architecture traveling Exhibition
Date: 09 December 2011- 04 March 2012 | 22 March 2012 – 20 May 2012 | 29 July 2012 25 September 2012
Particulars: The exhibition comprised of over sixty works including paintings and sculptures from the artist’s Neo-metaphysical period of the 1960s and 1970s, and presented, possibly for the first time ever, the complete set of the 66 lithographs that the artist produced for Guillaume Apollinaire’s Calligrammes (1930)

Curator . Exhibition Designer | Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2011 - 2012

Project: Displacements Photographs of Giada Ripa

Date: 21 November 2011 – 22 January 2012


  • The exhibition presented the artist’s new works at the time, as well as works from the series Falling Icons and Beyond the Oil Route, two projects created between 2004 and 2011

  • Co-curator: Bogdan Mamow

Curator . Designer | CAMEC - Center for Modern and Contemporary Art | Revoltella Museum in Trieste


Project: The museography of Alvaro Siza Exhibition

Date: 15 October - 21 November 2010 |

 24 July - 7 August 2010 

Particulars: The exhibition presents 36 photographs by Marco Introini and drawings and sketches of architecture by Alvaro Siza, plus a non-published video interview by Maddalena d’Alfonso with Alvaro Siza

Concept Developer . Exhibition Designer | Fondazione Beppe Fenoglio


Project: The: Gabriele Basilico Exhibition


  • The exhibition included Video Installation Mnemonic interference with the resistance sites of Beppe Fenoglio part of the Gabriele Basilico exhibition

  • Curated by Michele Vianello

Curator . Exhibition Layout Designer | Galleria Belvedere


Project: The Brera People Exhibition

Date: 14 May – 28 June 2009


  • Photos by Enzo Nocera

  • The photographer has photographed the Brera bohemian, a circle of life companions. With 122 portraits, he ideally reconstructs a unique bond, reflected in their environment. In that precise context, meeting each other meant strengthening the common civic and idealistic sense and behaving as individuals aware of their political role.

2007 - 2008

Project: Inherited the Landscape” Photography Exhibition

Date: 21 September -  23 November 2008 | 16 December 2007 – 24 March 2008 | 06 April – 13 May 2007


  • Co-Curator: Giovanna Calvenzi

  • The Exhibition has decided to carry out specific programming on landscape photography, thus becoming part of the city's tradition, always attentive to photographic documentation. 9 masters of Italian photography such as Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Mimmo Jodice and many others, presented 18 young photographers.

Developer . Author . Producer | A.I.A.C.E.


Project: The Big What; travel around the world of art, 80 minutes Documentary

Location: Castello Sforzesco, Milan, Italy

Date: 07 - 11 November 2007


  • Collaborators: Crippa Antonella | Delbò Matteo | D’Apuzzo Gianluca

  • The screening was during the 2007 Invideo Festival, on Contemporary Art including; Venice, 52nd International Art Exhibition, 38th Basel Exhibition Art, 12th Documenta, Kassel and Münster, Sculpture Projects Münster

Designer . Researcher. Author. Producer | Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


Project: The Deslocaçao Estrategica” Exhibition

Date: March 2006


  • The exhibition commissioned in the celebration contest for the 50th anniversary of the Foundation, on the Headquarter of the City Landscape.

  • Concept, production, and design of the Photographic Survey realized by photographer G. Basilico.

2005 - 2007

Project: The Vilanova Artigas: Brutalism and Minimalism Exhibition

Date: 16 - 26 April 2007 |

 13 March - 04 April 2007 | 14 October - 10 November 2005

Particulars: The exhibition presented 7 large models, photographic panels and a series of films that document the life of the architect and the current state of his work and reflects on one of the major exponents of the architecture of the 50's-80's, founded by the São Paulo school, and designed by the Faculty of Architecture of São Paulo, Brazil.

Curator . Exhibition Designer | Politecnico di Milano | Tomie Ohtalke Foundation

2005 - 2007

Project: Vilanova Artigas - Brutalism and Minimalism
Location: Politecnico di Milano, Italy | IUAV, University of Venice
Date: 14 October – 10 November 2005 | 13 March – 04 April 2007
Particulars: The exhibition reflects on one of the leading exponents of Brazilian architecture of the 50-80s

Coordinator . Producer . Designer | Gonçalo Byrne-arquitectos Lda

2004 -2007

Project: Geografias Vivas Exhibition and Book Production

Location: The VI Architecture Biennial in São Paulo, Fundação Bienal, Brazil | The CCB-Cultural Center of Lisbon, Portugal

Date: 02 October – 08 December 2005 | 24 November 2006 – 25 February 2007


  • Curated by Gonçalo Byrne

  • The exhibition included 24 main images

2003 - 2006

Project: The Drawing in the Cities, Architecture in Portugal Exhibition

Date: 15 March -  15 April 2006 |

20 January – 28 March 2004 | 01 September – 20 December 2003


  • Photographs by G. Basilico

  • Curators: Alvaro Siza | J. Soares | A. Tavares | A. Madureira

  • The exhibition is organized in a sequence of photographs by Gabriele Basilico, specially made for the occasion, and in the documentation of the projects by the architects Fernando Távora, Eduardo Souto de Moura, João Luís Carrilho da Graça, Gonçalo Byrne, Vitor Figueredo, Adalberto Dias, Rem Koohlas, Atelier 15, Miguel Figueira and Àlvaro Siza.

  • The exhibition held in Triennale di Milano was during XX Triennale The Memory and the Future

  • The exhibition held for F.A.U.P was held in V Bienal de Arquitectura e Design de São Paulo, Brazil

July - September 1999

Project: The rule and the Garden" city of Carbonia (Title of the proposal)

Location: Carbonia, Italy

Date: 01 July – 09 September 1999


  • Architect associated with Marzia Ferrari

  • 1 Prize ex aequo in the content for a planning restoration for the city center of Carbonia

Head of Visual Communication . Graphic Designer | Grazia Neri Photo Agency

1998 - 2001

  • Responsibilities:

  • Concept design of the coordinate identity of the Agency,

  • Organization of the event to present the new image of the Agency,

  • Concept design and realization of:

       . The web site

       . The logo Sport shots for the  department of the sport images

       . The digital portfolios of the photographers

       . The  virtual gallery about the Grazia Neri Expositions

Architectural-Curatorial Expertise: Experience
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