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welcome to Maddalena d'Alfonso's world!

"A sneak peek into a visionary thinker mind"

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Her Story

Maddalena d’Alfonso is an architect, essayist, and researcher. Qualified Licensed Associate Professor in 2017, she held courses at IADE in Portugal and Politecnico di Milano, among many other academic organizations. Her ability to combine research with museographic culture has been applied to curate and design cultural exhibitions and projects.

The architect’s innovative method of interdisciplinary the investigation stems from the interest in the theoretical and visual analysis of architecture, art, photography, and landscape, connected both to history and present-day architectural issues. She conceived cultural projects for the Fundação Gulbenkian-Portugal, the Fundação Iberê Camargo-Brazil, the MIT Museum in Cambridge-USA, Triennale di Milano and Politecnico di Milano-Italy.

Since 2019 the architect has been a Board Member of ICAMT ((The International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques) and founded Md’A Design Agency, a cultural event consultancy studio, where they provide production consultancy, creative solutions, and direction to build a design virtue based on sustainable innovative ideas.

She has conceived a coopetitive methodology for professional practices and workshops to develop sustainably thoughts applied to the design and project management in the architectural and cultural world.

d’Alfonso’s publications include “Two Museums by Àlvaro Siza-Electa, 2009”; “De Chirico. O sentiment from Arquitetura-Camargo, 2011”; “How space transforms art | How Art transforms space-Silvana, 2016” and the book “Warm Modernity-Silvana Editoriale 2016”, which has received the RED DOT award.

During her professional years, she has accomplished many awards for her vision and successful outcomes, including the Medal of high representation from the Presidency of the Italian Republic for the exhibition “The landscape of rights. Photographing the Italian Constitution” - designed and curated by her, 2017 for Comune di Milano.

When you love what you do, life brings you more opportunities. Her career path crossed a very interesting road which made her who she is today.

An Architect | A Designer 

A Researcher

A Professor | A Lecturer |A Speaker

A Curator

A Concept Developer 

A Writer | An Editor

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What she has Learned

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Sole 24 ore Cultura

Master of Arts and Culture Specialization: Marketing, Communication, and Fundraising Strategies


AY 2004 - 2005


Scholarship for the survey on urban conditions at Architectural Faculty of University of de Porto (F.A.U.P)

Logo_Politecnico_Milano copy.png

AY 2003 - 2004

Politecnico di Milano

Ph.D. in Philosophy in Interior Architecture, Art Exhibition, and Museography

Logo_Politecnico_Milano copy.png

AY 1997 - 1998

Politecnico di Milano

Specialized degree in Architecture

Her Expertise

What she has done

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Academic Expertise

A Professor | A Lecturer | A Speaker

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Architectural - Curatorial Expertises

An Architect | A Designer | A Curator

Ceramic Collection

Research Group Coordination

A Researcher

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Her Skills

What She Does


Publish | Editorial

A Writer | An Editor

Business Meeting


A Concept Curator | A Consultant | An Organizer

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"Well done is better than well said"

Benjamin Franklin

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Her Recognitions

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Award for Excellence

The List

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Conversations | Speeches | Moderations

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Her Network

To provide a tangible showcase of my work, she has included the network of her projects. Take a moment to explore below, and reach out if you’re interested in learning more about what Ishe has been through.

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